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Sunday, 11 May 2008 17:57

        ‘Seek out and eradicate Corruption through professional and effective investigation’

This is another function of the Anti-Corruption Commission as stipulated in the legislation that established it.  The Anti-Corruption Commission as a body will hold a high degree of integrity and the success of all cases brought for prosecution only relies on the effective investigation of cases by competent staff.

The continuing upsurge in corruption reports in different sections of the country’s economy has aroused much public concern.  There is an urgent need to reinforce investigative capability and improve the overall service quality of the Operations Department so as to cope with the all-time record corruption reports anticipated and to address the increasing complexity of corruption and related crimes.

Professionalism is one key requirement for all the staff at the Commission and the Commission will keep enhancing the professionalism of the investigative workforce and promote continuous professional development through different programmes such as seminars, workshops, experience sharing groups and residential training sessions.

To enhance professionalism in the investigation of corruption cases the Operations Department is determined to further improve case management procedures and operational command and control facilities and to set an up-to-date Information Technology Department with state of the art facilities.

The Commission will learn from other International Anti-Corruption law enforcement agencies.  There would thus be a need to facilitate cross-boundary corruption investigation and enhance mutual liaison with such agencies as may exist in other countries. 

Since 2008 the Commission has submitted a total of 18 cases to the DPP. Of these 2 have been closed, 2 convictions, 8 are various stages within the court system and await allocation of court dates or consent to prosecute.


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