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Tuesday, 01 June 2010 08:32

The Anti Corruption Commission is mandated to prevent Corruption through promoting the integrity of the public and private bodies, through promoting best practices and procedures, high ethical standards and fairness

A clean and honest civil service is important to Swaziland’s success.  The Anti-Corruption Commission will need to set up a Civil Service Integrity Programme jointly with relevant Government Departments like the Civil Service Commission.  Under such a programme the Anti-Corruption Commission shall render assistance to Government Departments in formulating departmental guidelines governing civil service integrity and mapping out tailor-made preventative educational programmes for their staff.

The Anti-Corruption Commission conducts studies of operational and financial processes in the different Government Departments and public bodies and make recommendations on preventative measures and follow-up with monitoring reviews.  Through consultations the Anti-Corruption Commission will provide timely corruption prevention advice to Government Departments and public bodies during their formulation of new initiatives, policies and procedures.

The Anti-Corruption Commission endeavors to promote ethics in the private sector and encourage organizations of various trades to take preventative measures against corruption.  Further, the Anti-Corruption Commission will remain available to private sector companies seeking corruption prevention advice on their systems and operations.

The Anti-Corruption Commission liaises with other bodies in place that aim at preventing or fighting corruption in the country such as the Bank Fraud Committee and others.  The Anti-Corruption Commission also organizes and runs training seminars and conferences for different business sectors like banking, construction, customs and excise, immigration etc.

In its endeavor to promote ethics in private sector and public sector, the Anti-Corruption Commission assists organizations and departments to develop explicit Code of Ethics for all their employees.

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